Virtual STNA Classes Now Available

This offer has expired In lieu of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ohio Department of Health has placed rules on hold that requires STNA education to be done face-to-face and is allowing virtual education temporarily. Paradigm Health Services is offering online STNA training at  There will be a three day requirement for face-to-face meeting, but … Continue reading Virtual STNA Classes Now Available

stnas during trying times…

  The past week has been a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, from worrying about a disease that is rapidly spreading across our planet, to folks claiming conspiracies from one country to another as well as within our own government. These trying times make it super important for healthcare providers, STNAs specifically to stand strong. Our … Continue reading stnas during trying times…

“STNA Network,” Join Now!

The STNA Network Group has been initiated. STNAs, CNAs, HHAs, etc., resources are available. So many times I have heard the sentence, “I’m just an STNA” or “I’m just an aide.” This couldn’t be more inaccurate. shared a quote that reads, “Know your value so people can respect your worth.” This quote is powerful … Continue reading “STNA Network,” Join Now!

STNA Education, your #1 choice

Our STNA programs are like none you have heard of before. I’m sure you just raised your eyebrow and thought to yourself, “that’s what they all say, so makes you so different?” We offer program schedules that cater to you, the individual; whether you need a full-time day schedule, a part-time evening schedule, or a … Continue reading STNA Education, your #1 choice